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An astronaut will conduct the championship competition in microgravity with a live broadcast!

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There are two types of Zero Robotics tournaments: High School Tournament: Geared towards students in live livethe tournament takes place from September to December each year. This is an international event open to all teams from the US and member states of the European Space Agency.

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Middle School Summer Program: This is a 5-week program in which younger students learn to program through a graphical interface.

The program will take place at selected locations in the US. All tournaments are free of charge.

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All you need to do to get started is 1 find a team of students and a mentor, 2 create an account and 3 register your team for a tournament. The list of currently active tournaments is here. The students program their satellites to complete competition objectives, for example navigating obstacles, while conserving resources such as fuel.

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The programs are autonomous - that is, the students are not able to directly control the satellites while they are running. Students create, edit, save, and simulate projects online.

Live - The Reunion World Tour (South Africa) November 11, 2017

They use a graphical editor to write code, then simulate their programs immediately and see the results using a simulation. The programming interface and simulation are entirely web-based, so ZR does not require any software downloads or computer configuration.

The system even allows teams to compete against themselves so that they can test different strategies before finalizing their live live submissions.

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