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Nutritional Stairs A practical and educational weight loss guide. The nutritional staircase contains educational, visual weight-loss guidelines and was designed by Pierre Dukan in to help you maintain your weight. It allows you to eat a variety of foods that are categorized as vital to your health versus just for enjoyment.

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It illustrates an express version of Dukan Diet rules - a 7 day diet - for those who need to lose less than 10 lbs. The basic principles of weight management 1.

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Maintain your weight by adopting a new way of eating: You can easily see which foods are most important to maintain your weight while staying healthy. The first 2 steps make up daily slimming slimming Dukan Diet list of foods you can eat in unlimited quantities. You can lose 4 to 9 lbs.

50 Foods You Must Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

Finally, after 7 days, you can start eating normally and include physical activity to lose weight permanently. Guidelines of Dukan Diet Express: At this point, you have reached the top of the stairs with a new way of eating a nutritionally balanced diet.

You may regain weight if you eat foods that are not included in the staircase. Use Dukan cooking to stay happy while following the Dukan Diet guidelines.

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